Product led growth is the idea that you put the end-user first, deliver value before you capture value, and you invest in the product with a go-to-market intent.

Product as a growth lever

No-code solutions like Airtable, Appcues, and Typeform are rapidly growing. These tools represent the dream that you don’t have to be an engineer to build something.

To succeed in 2021, product managers need to excel at 3 things: communicating a strong purpose, realizing when it’s wartime, and understanding product led growth.

Fighting the good fight

Only four traits matter when it comes to being a strong leader.

📸 Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California

Emerald Lake, Yukon, Canada

Forget SMART goals, OKRs, BSQs, BHAGs, and all the other goal frameworks with fancy acronyms. Give people reasons to believe in your goal—set goals like a gold miner.

Alette Holmberg-Nielsen

Product at Maersk 📦 Product mentor 👂 Philosopher 🤔

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